Friday, July 5, 2013

4Jul13 - 4 for the 4th

Got up at 0300 to a really good thunder/lightning storm.  It kept me awake for about an hour and I wondered if my swim today was going to be cancelled.  Alarm went off at 0430 and I sent a text to Gords.  He said it should be clear by the time we start and he was still going.  I packed my bag and headed to Pineview.  Construction held me up until 0600.  I arrived to see Gordon getting ready to start with his son paddling for him. 
We chatted a bit then started.  Joelle was supposed to be with us but we started without her.  Sure enough, about 100 strokes into the swim, I see a woman running down toward the "beach" with a towel and nothing else.  I pulled up and it was Joelle.  She swam up to me and said Hi long enough to keep right on going!
I did the "Goody Loop" which is from the beach to the buoys then back.  I know the water is low and wouldn't make the usual 2 miles so I took really wide turns and serpentine some while swimming to add distance.
Got back and Gordon was almost done doing his 2.5 mile route.  Joelle was close behind him.  We all started again and I did another lap.
Joelle, Gords and me

I felt really good after the 2nd mile and got into a really comfortable pace.  I didn't bring my GPS but I know I was making good time.  I felt great today.  Just took me awhile to get going.  Maybe I'm back to my old ways.  Sore and tight 1st mile, complaining in my head and full of doubt 2nd mile then 3rd mile on feel fine!  Greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat!  I really don't want to go back to struggling first 2 miles before I enjoy my swim.  We'll see.
Got back and said bye to Gords and Joelle. 

4 miles today OW.  Longest swim of the year.  REALLY happy I came today and swam this far.  I'm going to have to test my distance again and see if the same pattern comes again.  If it does, then I know I have to do more than 2 miles before I start feeling good.  THEN I will start doing some serious distance again.   Time will tell.

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