Thursday, July 11, 2013


Met Josh this morning at Fairmont pool in SLC this morning.  They do an open water workout in the pool there a few times a week.  They just move some lane lines over and you can swim in bigger circles.  Each big circle is around 75 yards.  It's different and adds a twist to pool swimming.
From what I remember we swam for a few minutes, worked on some starts, did some turn work then played a game where we had to keep on the feet of the person in front of us to work on drafting.  The workout was fun and I hit my max heart rate a few times.  I had a good time overall.
After the swim, Josh and I went for a short run.  Probably less than 2 miles but definitely more than 1.5.  It was a good workout today.

2000 yards.  Josh said it was closer to 2500 but he lapped me a few times and I fell off his pace when he was leading.  I guess it's 2k yards! 

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