Thursday, August 1, 2013


Easy day today and I do mean EASY.

Got to the pool and was standing poolside at 0600.  2 lifeguards were pulling tarps off the edge of the pool but my lane was clear.  They kept walking around and putting things away but never going near the LG chair.  After 5 minutes of watching them, I finally hollered across the pool, "Can I get in now, I promise I won't drown"!  One guard laughed pretty hard and said I was fine to get in.
Did an easy 1000
500 straight
then another 500 but I did one 50 M of breast then free back then back then fly...yes I did a 50 fly with my shoulders as tired as they were. Went slow and did a whip kick instead of a dolphin kick.

1000 LCM easy

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