Saturday, August 3, 2013


Went to Deer Creek today to help out with a swim clinic.  I went a few hours early so I could get a swim in.  I arrived after 1500 and I'll NEVER go to Deer Creek to swim at that time again.  There were more boats and jet ski's than could be counted.  It was crazy.  Even the no wake zone was crowded and I had to swim between boats either sitting still or moving 2 MPH.  I was uneasy and constantly looking at my surroundings.  Never got comfortable in my swim. 
I swam all the way from after the marina to the end of lake going south then back.  That put me over 2 miles.  I then went in and headed south again and counted 600 strokes.  I turned back and made it in 556 strokes.  I was pushing it some because I knew I would be done.
Finished right at 2.8 miles.
Josh soon arrived and he along with Gordon and myself gave a swim clinic to Rachel and her friend Tania.  Tania new to OW swimming and was looking for some tips.  After we chatted awhile, we went to the water.  We headed to a water buoy about 100 yards away.  She had a good stroke and did great getting there.  She was SO excited to be in the water and learning with us.  I absolutely LOVE taking people out into the open water for their first time or taking them to new lakes/places

Gordon and I soon left and went to Subway.  We had a nice chat about his upcoming swim and what was expected of me and what I'll be looking for in him.  I'm getting excited for him and there are no words to describe how much I want him to succeed.  He was there for me on my swim and now I can't wait to support him on his.

I finished today with 2.8 miles.  My weekly total is 12.73 miles.  I am REALLY happy that I did 5 swims totaling over 10 miles.  12 is even better.  I just need to keep up at least 10 a week and I'll be ready to try my first gem swim for the UTTC!!!!

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