Thursday, August 15, 2013


Up at 0630 to people who think that if they put their voice on volume 10 but are in a hushed tone then they are "whispering".  WRONG! 
Out the door and arrived at Lake Tahoe at 0930.  We were at the Sunny Side area.  We had the option of doing any distance we wanted up to 5 miles.  Gordon was there and he and I opted to do the longest route.  We were given directions by Jamie but about 1/2 mile into our swim, we had a paddler that kept hanging around us.  This continued for awhile until I finally stopped and asked him what he was doing.  Turns out he was Karen Rogers' ex-husband.  She calls him her "Was-Band" which is funny.  He said he was going to take us to the turn around point and carry our feeds for us.  SWEET!!!
Words will NEVER be able to describe how beautiful the water there is.  When you are heading out, you can see straight down to the bottom and still make out the tiny details of the land features and items on the lake floor.  Then you swim out away from shore and the bottom drops out and a blue appears.  There are shades of blue I never knew existed and no camera or artist will ever be able to duplicate the pure beauty of the lake.  I was so taken by what I saw that I actually said a small prayer.  I thanked God for making shades of blue like I was seeing and I thanked Him for allowing me to see it.  I am NOT a color guy and can barely match the colors of my shoes in the morning but seeing what I saw really got to me.
We hit the turnaround point and headed back.  I was feeling great.  I just kept thinking, "I HAVE to cross this lake next year".  I did stop to check out some critters that were on the bottom.  Even they were a beautiful blue color.  Finished the swim and when I got out, I wish I didn't have to.  I wanted to keep going on forever.  Jamie said that from where we started to the 2nd long pier and back was 5 miles.  It went by a little too quick and Gordon didn't think it was 2.5 there either.  I asked Karen and she swore by her measurements.  I really don't care so I'm going to go by what they said and put down 5 for Lake Tahoe.

In the afternoon  a small group of us went back to Donner Lake and did another lap.  Another 1.5 miles nice and relaxing.

6.5 miles OW

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