Friday, August 23, 2013


Up early and in the pool at 0600.  Work started again this week so I've been focusing on that more than my workouts.  Day off today but Patricia is going out of town for the weekend and dark clouds were overhead so I kept it short.  Nice thing was I was the only one there the entire swim.  Whole pool to myself.  2 high school girls were watching me and just hung out chatting.
500 WU
100 timed just to see what my pace was
1000 straight with snorkel
2 x 100 (1st 100 was strong pull.  2nd was fast rotation)
100 drill
100 CD

My new stroke work and technique are starting to come together.  It's clicking more and I am starting to notice the sides of my core getting a bit tired during some of my sets.  This is a good thing!

Funny side story - When I get done swimming, my abdomen scar is usually bright purple.  I was curious to know when the pool closes.  As I was talking to the guard, I could see her eyes straining to not look at my stomach.  It was obvious.  It's just like when a man is taking to a woman with a big chest and a small bikini.  Must resist looking down........Must resist.............
I was tempted to say, "Eyes up here" but I know it would have embarrassed her.   As I turned to walk away, I caught her looking at my stomach.  I found it funny.


2000 LCM  easy day 
Next week I will having to swim at KEARNS near my work.  Back to a 25 yard pool.  BOOOOO

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