Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was "man-strating" at work yesterday and left the second I was free to go.  I left a huge stack of papers on my desk to be graded and I had a lot of catch up work to do.  I knew I'd have to make my swim short today and get to work really early.
500 WU
2 x 100 stroke work
8 x 50 with Todd Frehse  I hit around :40 each one
150 K
250 faster pace swimming.  This time my goggles leaked twice and I fixed them both times.  I need to re-strap them.  I still hit 3:26 which made me happy.
10 x 50 with Todd.  # 5 and # 10 were all out.  I hit :30 and :31.  Wasn't as happy with this.  I felt like I could have gone faster but I was more focused on my stroke than HURRY UP in my head.

2000 SCY

I really wanted to do 5k today but work is more important right now.

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