Thursday, September 5, 2013

31Aug13 - Getting in "trouble"

Back in NC for a weekend of deep sea fishing with my dad and other family members.
Fishing is on Monday and I have some free time so I hit the ocean.  As soon as I arrived, I found this flag warning of strong currents.
Amateur hour over.  Time to swim!

I watched the water for a bit and noticed it was completely empty of people.  I watched a little longer and realized the waves and activity calmed down after the breaks only a few hundred yards out.  I slowly headed out and tested the water.  I swam against the current for awhile and I really felt like I was swimming on a treadmill.  I was making very little progress.  It was kinda fun actually.  I picked up my pace after a few hundred strokes and put some effort into actually moving.  I got a good distance away and turned around.  I made it the full way back extremely fast.  I wanted to do more so I turned around and did a few hundred more strokes with a lot of power in them.  I turned back for the home stretch and it was too quick to the finish.  I could feel the currents picking up even more so I decided to get out while I still felt great.
As I was getting out, there were a few people looking at me like I was nuts.  Sure enough, as I was walking back to the road access to the beach, a beach patrol lifeguard truck was there.  He was watching me and I said Hi to him.  He said hi back and I asked how he was doing.  It was VERY obvious he was there because someone called for "help" that there was a person in the "dangerous currents".  I asked if he was there because of me and he said no but I'm not an idiot and I"m pretty good at spotting when people are lying so it was clear that he was!  It only made me laugh...I had beach patrol called on me!  Cherry on top!

1 mile OW

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