Thursday, September 5, 2013


Deep sea fishing yesterday was a BLAST.  Had a great time with my extended family and we caught our limit on yellow fin tuna.
Today I felt the effect of the great fishing adventure.  My dad and I had borrowed a kayak from a friend of a friend in the Outer Banks and my dad would paddle for me as I swam.  We headed out near one of his rental houses.  The wind was blowing north pretty good but the current was heading south.  It made for an interesting swim.  I wanted to do 4 miles so I told him to GPS at 2 miles and we would turn around.  After 1 mile he said he had enough.  Fighting the wind and chop through sore shoulders were getting to him.  We turned around early and the plan was to swim with the wind back to his main house another mile past our starting point.  We were halfway back and I was making slow progress.  The wind was howling and the current was only getting stronger.  My dad said his leg was starting to cramp and he wanted to end it when we got back to the starting point.  My main goal was to swim SOMETHING and share it with my dad.  Mission accomplished so I didn't mind cutting it short.
It was great to be in the ocean again and even better being out there with my dad.

2.2 miles OW

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