Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I've had a pretty good cold the past few days.  Even if the weather was nice on Saturday, I doubt I would have felt well enough to do the 10 miles at Deer Creek.
Decided to sleep in on Monday for more needed rest.
I still felt bad this morning but forced myself to the pool anyway.
500 WU
250 K no fins
250 K with snorkel
Joined 2 ladies I see there for their workout.
800 = 16 x 50 IM work.  Fly-fly, fly back, fly breast, fly free, back back, back breast......etc  All on the minute
1000 = 50 sprint, 100 easy, 200 hard, 300 easy, 200 hard, 100 easy, 50 sprint
The next set was 10 x 50 kick.  I was on #3 and my left calf started to cramp pretty good.  I got out and stretched it.  I even rubbed my thumb where the pain was and I could feel the actual BB size knot in my calf.  It HURT!  Got back in and just swam the rest of the set.
300 - every 3rd 25 is choice other than free.
They got out and I finished doing easy 100's until I hit 4000 total for today.
I felt GASSED!  My stroke was terrible, I had NO energy, I couldn't bilateral breathe (I had to breathe every stroke which makes me feel like a noob) and when my lungs needed air, I could feel the mucus inside my lungs "jiggling".  Glad I swam but I felt miserable the entire swim and swam like garbage the whole time too.

4000 SCY

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