Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Up at 0430 and out the door.  Ugh!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I was in the pool and warming up at 0510.  My stomach was bothering me during WU.  I think I need to cut out soda from now on...permanently.  Despite how DELICIOUS Coke and Pepsi are, they are a useless drink.
500 WU
500 swim
100 regular pace just to see what my time was.  I hit 1:22 which surprised me to be honest.
4 x 100 kick
1000 swim with snorkel.  REALLY focusing on my stroke.  It's coming together well now.  I'm not allowed to daydream and it will keep going but as long as I'm thinking about it, it hold well....at least until I see film of myself!
750 (25K then once I hit the wall, 50 swim, no stopping for whole 750)
250  I wanted to go under 3:30.  My stroke fell apart at the end and halfway through my goggles leaked so bad I had to drain and adjust them but I hit 3:22! This REALLY made me happy.
10 x 50 on the :60 and I had to hit :45 each time.  My average time was :42 and I didn't really ever push it.  The last one I did I focused on pulling harder and hit :37.  Not a sprint, just pulling hard....not bad!

4000 SCY  HATE typing SCY but it's what I'm stuck with for the next several months.

I timed my drive from starting my car to turning it off from the gym to work.  It was exactly 6 minutes!  I got out well before 0700 to get to work today because this is the first day students are back.  Once I get things rolling here and back into my teaching mode, I'm sure I'll be able to swim a few minutes longer and get 5k per workout and still make it to work on time.
I'm noticing a HUGE difference in my stroke.  I feel my hips rolling more and my sides get tired toward the end of my harder sets.  This means I'm using my core more and that is a beautiful thing.  I need some film on me soon to see how I'm doing but I know I'm already swimming stronger and faster with this new stroke then I was when I was at this point last year in my training.  I'm almost at 100 miles total for the year.  Year end goal is 200 miles and it looks well within reach now.  :)

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