Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Got up at 0400 this morning to go swimming.  Last year it was habit waking up each weekday at 0400 to be in the pool by 0430.  That was awhile ago and it was rough getting out of bed.  I told Gords that I would meet him so too bad for me being tired.  Another EC crosser Joelle Beard was meeting him there and I wanted to meet her.  Got to the parking lot at Pineview around 0545.  Gords son arrived and Joelle was already there.  We all decided to do a long dam route that goes about 2.5 miles.
Joelle, Gords, me

 The 2 of them took off and it took a long time for me to get comfortable in the water.  I felt fine but my arms were just heavy.  I finally got settled in and started to swim well.  I noticed after getting to the buoys in front of the dam that I was staying about the same distance behind them.  I wasn't losing more distance.  I picked it up a bit and felt good.  When I turned along the buoy line for the last 1/2 mile, my arms quit on me.  My energy was gone and each pull took real effort.  Not sure what happened but I felt like I was just short of bonking.  I slowed down considerably and just swam nice and easy along the buoy line then headed in.  I wanted to make the distance today and forced myself to not care about my time.
I'm a bit disappointed that I crashed after 2 miles.  I think I just need to swim more distance and for more days.  It's foreign to me again and I don't like it.  I want to go back to where I think swimming anything under 5 miles is a "short"  swim.  I considered resting a bit then doing a bit more but my body quickly vetoed that idea.
Very glad I went and when I checked my GPS, I was surprised at what I saw.  My average per mile was 30:16.  This means that even with me going really slow the last 1/2 mile, I still averaged faster than my 2 miles on Saturday.
GPS says my first mile was 28:48  2nd mile was 33:22 (yuck)

Total distance was 2.43 miles.  Total swim time was 1:13.26  I'm happy with this.

I just feel SO stinking tired right now.  A tiny part of my brain wonders if I'm still slightly anemic. I'll ask when I get my cancer screen and blood work in a few weeks.

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