Monday, June 17, 2013

17Jun13 - Sick

Got up and met Sue at Kearns this morning at 0530.  I was not feeling well and the past 2 weeks I've either been doing house renovations to our new place or completely moving in.  When I started swimming I did have any energy or ANY care about swimming.  After a few hundred meters, I got into a fight with my body and forced myself to keep swimming.  My mind pulled a "fast one" on me and decided I would have a "liquidation sale" of all contents in my intestines.  I got out and took care of it.  I went back and started swimming again.  Same result.  This was repeated several times.  I finally started to get the hint that I wasn't going to swim today.  I would feel fine until I started swimming then immediately need to get out.
I stopped at 950 meters and gave up.  I needed to go home.  I got home around 0645 and went back to bed.  I did not wake up until noon!  My body has completely crashed from exhaustion and all the times the past few weeks forcing myself to work past the warnings of my body getting too tired to continue.  I would force myself to exhaustion and haven't had a chance to rest.  Well it finally caught up to me this morning.  A total shut down was ordered by my brain and I obeyed.
It's almost 4 hours since I woke up and even walking around is a tiresome activity.

950 LCM total

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