Thursday, June 6, 2013

6Jun13 - Surprise

Met Sue at Kearns pool at 0730.  We both were planning on doing an easy workout.  She's tapering down for GSL 8 miler and my arms are beat from working on our new house several hours daily.

700 WU - I did break up the last few 100's to have a short break.  I swam with Sue for 3 of these 100's and was able to keep up with her.  She DID pick it up the 2nd 50 of each of these...THANKS!  I thought she was racing me and decided to try something. On the 2nd 50, when she would breathe on the other side of me, I picked it up for a few strokes to get a bit ahead.  Sure enough, as soon as I would turn to her again, she would be a bit ahead of me....RACING ME EH?!?!  Ok, let's dance!
5 x 100 K
2 x 100
4 x 50
Here is where it gets interesting.  I said we should do these 50's slow, medium, fast, all out per 50.  Sue was game and we were right next to each other for all of the 50 except the last one.  When we started, I was going about 95% and when we hit the halfway mark, I went all out.  To much shock and surprise, I buried Sue.  I beat her by a decent margin.  She was just as surprised as me and she wanted to do it again.
50M to other end EASY
50 Race with Sue again.  Same result.  She was with me until I really turned it on then she got dropped.  I even eased up the last 15 meters and glided into the wall.
100 easy.

Now lets keep this in perspective.  She is not a sprinter.  I used to train in sprinting but I still consider myself in HORRIBLE swim condition.  I still have NO ability to keep up with her for more than a 200 at MOST.  I'm still nowhere near where I consider myself in "shape" for swimming distance.  It DID feel good to swim next to her on the 100s and keep up with her without thinking I was going to die.  That is definite improvement when I was struggling to keep pace with her for a 50 a few weeks ago.
It did make me feel good knowing I got her on the sprints.  I can definitely feel a difference in my stroke and my abilities for the better.  Having her there pacing me and pushing me to be better is the one of the biggest reasons that I am improving.  Thanks Sue!

2000 LCM total

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