Sunday, June 23, 2013


Went out to Deer Creek today and met Josh with his family, Sue, Rachel, and Jim with his wife.  It was a perfect day for a lake swim.  Warm sun and a chilly lake.  The average temp read 67 degrees.  I was a tiny bit chilly when I got in but as soon as I started to actually swim, I was fine.  I followed Sue and we did the course for the Deer Creek marathon swim.  We went all the way down to where you turn for the 5k and up course and when we hit land, we turned around.  Sue was ahead of me and was on her way back when I swam to her.  Headed back and felt really good the entire swim.  Boat traffic was present but we stayed in a huge no wake zone so I never felt nervous.
Got back and we all packed up.  When I was out, Sue was shaking pretty good and said she had gotten pretty cold when she finished.  I have been back to taking only cold showers and I am positive it helps.  I got out and felt completely warm.  Granted, I also have a much higher fat % than Sue but it did make me feel good that the "cold" water barely effected me.
I was really excited that this was my first real distance swim in a long time.  It was in a lake and it brought back a lot of feelings and memories.  I was glad to be there.  I was really happy when my GPS read 2.1 miles.  I did this non stop.  I really felt like I could have done more.  I decided to just pack it in with the group and be happy with what I had done.  More will happen next time.  I'm definitely seeing improvements and it really encourages me.

2.1 miles OW

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