Monday, June 24, 2013


Didn't sleep well last night and it showed this morning.
Was at the pool at 0550 and ready to get in as soon as the lifeguard arrived.
Just kept it simple today.
Ladders by 100 up to 500 repeat then back down.
On the 300 and 200 of back half, I pulled.

3000 LCM total.

Wasn't really feeling it today.  Never got into my workout mentally or physically.  Glad I did it but I just wasn't there today.

Extremely cool thing happened this afternoon.  Josh called me and told me that the MIMS winner Paul Newsome is passing through Salt Lake City and wanted to swim in the GSL.  I was actually drying off from a shower from taking my kid for a swim lesson when he called.  How could I say no?  Got clearance from my wife and I was out the door again!
Met Paul with his buddy Adam at the marina.  We chatted a bit as Gords and Josh arrived.  We all went out for a short swim.  It was REALLY windy which was nice for keeping the flies away but it made the water really choppy.  Paul and Adam had the usual joy of floating in the GSL and it was easy to see they were having a good time.
Adam, me,Josh and Paul

We cleared the marina and the wind was pretty calm.  Good current heading north.  I was wearing my SSD and soon enough the wind picked up and my SSD was banging me on the back of the head.  Got to the 2nd red buoy when Adam pulled up.  His fun meter was dropping quickly.  I wanted to go to the third buoy with the others but I'm not about to leave a newcomer alone in this lake in these conditions.  We both turned around but Adam soon found that he was pretty much swimming in place.  He pulled up again and said, "Well we found the wind".  He was right, the wind was blowing pretty hard at this point.  No idea the speed but I'm sure the gusts got over 30 a few times.  Salt water spray was everywhere.  I told him we could cut east and hit the "beach" side.  He liked this idea and we headed to the other side of the marina.
We got out and rinsed off and the other 3 were soon coming back the same way.  We all chatted a bit as they showered.  It was cool hearing about their cross country swim adventure.  It was a real privilege to swim with such an elite swimmer.

Here are some pics of Gordon "showering" with Adam and Paul.  Nothing gay about it...just Gordon "working on international relationships"!

1/2 mile OW.....I guess

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