Wednesday, June 19, 2013


There is a pool only 2 miles from my house that is outdoors and is set up for 50 LCM in the morning.  As great as it sounds, they only have lap swimming for 50 M from 0600 - 0730.  Then they have swim team then they change it to 25 yard pool for most of the day.  If you want LCM, then you get an hour and a half.  If you want to swim for several hours, you have to do it in the middle of the day and when families are nearby.  Hey, it's SOMETHING!
Got there and was in the pool at 0600.  I decided to just go for 1500.  I 'm glad I did.  I made 15 laps and now I'm positive I can do a Gridley Straight or Pineview or w/e.  Halfway through my 1500, a guy got in the same lane as me and I pulled up to verify we would just split.  When I finished my 1500, he was there and we started chatting.  After a few minutes I realized who he was.  I was swimming with Richard Barnes.  This is the first person from Utah to swim the English Channel.  I'm sharing a lane with a Utah legend!  Turns out he doesn't live far from me.  I (of course) immediately plug the Deer Creek swim and Bear Lake swim coming up then went back to swimming.

1500 swim
100 K
400 swim with fins
200 IM (Sun was in my eyes on back so I drifted BAD)
100 breathing every 4 strokes
100 breathing every 3,5,7,5,3 whole way.  This got tough near end.  My lungs are so small right now.
100 easy CD

2500 LCM

Left a card with Richard about the swims.

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