Thursday, July 7, 2011


Did not get up early to swim today.  I had decided to get one more short swim in the GSL before staying with my father in law before our trip to San Fran.  I drove to the marina around 1800 and there was a nice big dark cloud that started right over the marina all the way into the mountains.  Bad sign #1.
The wind was making every flag stand straight out.  Bad sign #2.  There is a flagpole at the very end of the marina that I've never seen any flag on before.  There was one today that was all red except for a black square in the middle.  I looked it up and it means "bad storm incoming".  Bad sign #3.  I tried to talk myself into just staying in the marina and MAYBE if I go out, I'll go with the current, etc etc.  A very clear impression went through my mind and body, "Don't be an idiot!!!"  I started the car and drove away.
Tomorrow I'll be in S.F. and alive to do a short warmup swim with Suzie.  :)

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