Sunday, July 3, 2011


Went out last night about 2145 and headed to Pineview.  By the time I got there, it was completely dark and only the stars could be seen.  I headed down to the beach and sure enough, not one buoy could be seen!  Some boats were visible in the distance because of their lights but that was about it.  I got in and swam away from shore but the beach quickly disappeared.  I decided to swim 25 strokes then look up (repeat).  This was a genius idea because after my 4th rotation, I stopped about 2 yards from a boat!  This was a pretty good sized boat and the background swimming to it kept it camo'd.   Not ONE light was on and this kind of pissed me off.  Not only did I nearly run into a boat in the middle of the lake, what is to keep another boat from plowing into him later?  I was VERY tempted to swim up and bang on the side awhile but decided to head back instead.
Luck was on my side and even though I knew relatively where the shore was, a couple came there and started to have a late night picnic.  I could see the lights from their phones and it guided me in.
I got a lot of questions answered from the swim and will be giving a definite date soon on when the first group night swim will be.

Swam .5 total.

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  1. Dang. We'll definitely want our own boat with lights on it, and stay close to it. Do you know if the boat trolling or was it anchored?