Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Got up at 0330 and packed my kayak with my swimming gear.  Today was about Kim and not me.  She wants to do the Deer Creek 10k but has never gone that distance before.  I told her that I would paddle for her and I would guarantee she would get 6 miles with me.
We met at my house at 0400 and off to Pineview.  She was greased, chem-lighted, and ready to go by 0430.  We just went straight east to cross the lake.  It was still completely dark so it was pretty beautiful being out there when it was so quiet and a blanket of stars over us.  I stopped her every mile for hydration and gels etc. 
About mile 4

Lucky for me, we were still heading out when the sun was rising over the mountains to I got a beautiful view of the sunrise this morning.  When we turned back at 2.5 miles, the sun was behind us and lit up where we were heading nicely.  We hit our starting point at just under 5 miles.  I then jumped in and swam the last mile with her for encouragement and a swim buddy just in case she bonked!  She did great but I did make her swim a bit extra to be positive we had gone over 6 miles before heading in.  I just kept shouting, "Keep it honest, keep it honest". 
She finished and she looked great during the swim.  She will have no problems at Deer Creek and I was very happy for her when she was done.  She said her shoulders were pretty sore but she felt really good about finishing the swim.
Thanks Kim for letting me help you.  Sorry that I made you do that little extra to guarantee you went over 6 miles when your face CLEARLY stated you wanted to head in.  But as I always say, "Hate me now, thank me later"!
After the swim.  Congrats Kim!!!

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