Saturday, July 2, 2011


Met up with Kim at 0600 this morning and we drove to Pineview.  Just a simple one mile loop then we added a bit more to make sure we went over a mile.  It was a beautiful morning and the lake was perfect.  When we arrived the parking lot was full and the beach area was full of clothes and items from all the people in the lake swimming already.  I was impressed to see how many people were already in the water.  I was not impressed to see that EVERY one of them was wearing a wetsuit and only swam about 1/4 of a mile before calling it quits!
I've decided that I'm going to start calling people that wear full body wetsuits for every swim no matter how short the swim or how warm the water is "Rubbers".  It seems odd to me that the swim for some was shorter than the time it took to put the wetsuit on anyway.  So that's it, I'm calling them Rubbers from now on.
I even told Kim about Gords theory that Ironman swims should be 6 miles to make it a true endurance race and she agreed.
anyhow, 1.2 miles today.
P.S.  I did bring 2 GPS items with me and sure enough, the one GPS unit on my phone is not as accurate as a high tech one that I also had with me.  It was slightly off and short of the distance the watch showed.    I'm going to keep using the GPS on my phone but I know now that it isn't completely accurate and the time averages aren't correct either.  Oh well.  Better something than nothing.

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