Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Got up early and was at the lake at 0615.  I was solo but forced myself to go considering I missed yesterday because there was NO way I was getting up early considering the hour I went to bed after the 4th.
I did the buoy loop 2 times and added more in to make sure I went over 2 miles.
On my first lap, I ran into 2 rubbers that were not only wearing full body suits, they also both had thermal caps on!!  Are you freaking kidding me.  One guy then proceeds to LECTURE me about how I should be in a wetsuit because at water temperatures "this cold" I am "going to crap then be in trouble"....  I just politely waved and told him to have a nice day and swam off before he could rant more.  This was just a snippet of the rants of this clown.  In my head I was saying things that were less than cordial.  It's 73 in Pineview.  73!!!  That's freaking hot water as far as I'm concerned.  Don't know why but that guy really pissed me off.  Glad I didn't say anything but don't lecture me on something like that.  I just remembered, "A fool looks like everyone else until he opens his mouth". 
Did 2 miles.  Going for a short swim in the GSL tomorrow before driving to San Francisco.  I'm getting VERY excited about Saturday. 


  1. Ha ha! Funny story! I think it is amazing that people now think that you NEED to wear a wetsuit. What do they think people swam in before wetsuits were invented?!

    Good luck in San Fran!

  2. Wool suits. We need to bring them back!