Monday, July 31, 2017


Great swim today.  Met Lisa at 0500 and I forgot that as summer winds down, the sunrise is a bit later.  It was still completely dark when it was 0500 instead of the light creeping over the mountains. Neither one of us packed lights so we decided to be safe and wait until there was some light out so we could see each other.  It was a safe and smart move.
I don't even know what time we got in.  We just headed to the dam then straight east.  Before we started again after 2200 yards, I asked if she could feel the swim Friday.  She said she could.  OK, so she is not Superwoman.  I'm glad I wasn't alone.  My shoulders were pretty sore.  The way east was nice and smooth  Once we had hit the end of that stretch, we headed north to the buoy line.  The buoy line was the line back to the marina.
The water was perfect and I was feeling great at this point.  When we got to the green buoy, we were just over 4 miles.  I asked if she wanted to call it or do one more.  I was praying she said one more because I was feeling good.  She said one more and I was glad to get going.  I picked it up a little bit the last mile and felt really strong.
We finished the 5 miles and I felt as fresh as I had just gotten in.
It was the usual swim, the first mile was horrible and I was sore and complaining a lot in my head.  The 2nd mile started to get better.  Mile 3-4 I felt good and held a good pace.  Mile 5 I felt energized and swam stronger.  I truly hope I feel this energized and mentally motivated next week when I hit 5 miles at Deer Creek and it's only halfway!

5 miles OW

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