Sunday, July 23, 2017

19Jul17 - Crazy day

My plan was 5 miles today.  I had a good route set up and lots of feeds with me.  I headed 2 miles south against the current then got back to where I could touch and took a big feed.  I then headed back with current.  I pushed it a little bit and after about 1.3 miles, I got to a sand bar and took another feed.  I got back in and had JUST started getting going again when a lifeguard swam out to me to stop me.  I knew a storm was coming in but as far as I could see, it was only wind and rain.  I never heard anything or saw lightning when I was taking my feed.  It had just started to rain slightly.  She told me that it's safer for me to be off the beach so I did what she said.  I headed in and started to jog back.  A bit of cross training I guess.  Luckily the beach was empty because it was raining so almost no one saw some idiot in a yellow cap, carrying a big orange balloon, wearing only a speedo, running down the shore!
I had almost gotten back to the house when I started to complain how I should have just kept going. THE second I finished the complaint in my head, a huge thunder clap boomed right above me.  OK OK, it was smart to get out.  Thanks for the hint God!
I headed in and was safe.  I was hoping to do my last 1.5 miles later on but other commitments kept me from the rest.  Family is more fun anyway.

3.5 OW

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