Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Pool day today.  I met Becky at the Kearns pool at 0500 and she had a workout ready.
400 free
300 drill
200 - I can't remember!
100 swim
Main set
400 IM
300 IM but minus a stroke
200 same
100 same
4 x 100 K on the 2:00
3 x 100 K on the 1:55
2 x 100 K on the 1:50
100 K on the 1:45
10 x 50 pull on :55
5 x 100 pull on the 1:50
Skill work next
4 x 100 with paddle on right hand and fin on left foot
4 x 100 reverse paddle and fin ---I started to cramp in my foot a bit so we dropped the last 2 x 100 and did 100 with buoy at knees then 100 at ankles.
200 CD

I felt MUCH better today.  I slept a lot more yesterday after I wrote up my blog and went to bed as soon as I was done blowing things up in my street to celebrate the state holiday.
Getting up was tough but once I was done with the warm up, I felt happy to be there.
Tomorrow is 4 miles again.

5000 LCM

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