Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4Jul17 - 4 for 4 on the 4th!

Fun day today.  I did a 4 miles divided into 4 lakes a couple of years ago and decided to do it again.
The first spot was Rockport Reservoir.  I have only swam in this place once before so I pretty much considered it my first visit.  I went to the boat ramp and took a temp reading - 71.  Piece of cake.  I swam to the buoy line and headed toward the dam.  I waited until my GPS watch read 900 yards then turned around.  Swam back and got out.  Apparently I left my towel too close to the ramp and as a few people put their boats in, the water rose up and soaked my towel.  Oh well, I brought 4.
Getting ready at Rockport
#1 done

Next stop was Jordanelle.  This is my usual stomping ground so I wasted no time getting in.  I actualy jumped off the dock instead of going down the boat ramp.  I headed east until 1/2 mile then back in.  I was feeling good.
Entering Jordanelle

#2 done

Stop 3 was Deer Creek.  I wanted to park near where a small island is at the east end and swim around the island.  I got there and it was already busy.  A lot of cars going in and people were staking their claim of where they were going to hang out and party all day.  I got in the lake and had to avoid boat traffic for the first few minutes.  When I got to the island, I just swam close enough to its shore that I could see the bottom all the time.  I swam around the island but it was not quite a mile so I had to swim around some more.  Not only were there boats and jet skis everywhere, there were a few people SCUBA diving with spear guns I swam around too.  I swam with my head on a swivel for the entire time and this swim took the longest.  The water temp was nice but it was extremely crowded.  The cherry on top was I slammed my left toes into some big rocks getting out and thought I had broken a toe.  It is fine but I did holler a bit.

Deer Creek

#3 done

Last stop was Strawberry Reservoir.  This place is about 1000 feet above all the other lakes and so it is colder.  The water temp was 64.  Higher than expected really.  When I was getting in, the shore was filled with people fishing.  One guy was there with his son and his son had a neon orange shirt on.  Perfect for sighting when I come back in!  I got in and I was chilled but not too bad.  I adjusted quickly and hammered out my mile.  This swim was my most enjoyable.  I swam in an inlet so no buoy lines to follow, no boats were out, and the water was perfect.  What a great way to end this fun adventure.  I got out and felt as if I had not swam at all today.
Strawberry Reservoir

#4 done and DONE!

I did a small experiment with some new recovery feeds that Grace Van der Byle recommended and so far, so good.  One of these drinks has me drinking almond mile.  Yes, Goody is drinking almond milk.  I can't believe it myself.  But I would drink a bit of this after getting out of each lake then drive 30-45 minutes to the next.  Before getting in, I would take a regular feed then get right into the water.  Never had a stomach issue.  I will try this again mixed in with some solid foods when I do my next trial of doing a few swims per day.  I have a 3-6-3 mile set coming up then a 3-10-3 set coming up.  Those will be the real test.

Got home and took a nice nap.

4 miles OW

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