Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Met one of my friends Chaz Felt at JN this morning.  He is a triathlete and so anything over a mile is about his limit.  He did say that going straight south to the dam would be fine.  He put on his wetsuit in case he needed a break and some buoyancy help.
We headed straight to the dam and for some reason, my GPS watch was acting weird.  It wasn't tracking for awhile.  I knew when we were mostly at the dam and we turned back.  When we got to shore, he said his read for 1.5 miles.  He was tired but happy since this was the farthest he has ever swam before.  Great job man!
I reset my GPS then headed out and did a few laps along the buoys.  When I was done, I knew I just had to add 1.5 miles to whatever it read.
I wanted to hit 5 today but Chaz is a slow and steady swimmer like me.  It was fine but took a bit longer than expected.  I had to get out and my total was 2.8 miles.  With the distance I did with Chaz, that equals 4.3 miles.  Not too bad.  Despite feeling fresh, I had to get out and get home.  I have some last minute chores to do and then pack.  Tonight we fly to the east coast for our annual week in the Outer Banks, NC.  I am really excited to log some miles in the ocean.  I am also considering swimming the long bridge solo this year.  We'll see.

4.3 miles OW

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