Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrating the 4th of July

It has been many moons since I have written on here.  I was talking with Anne (Ghost Fan) a few weeks ago and she told me I needed to start writing in my blog again.  You may have noticed I have added "natural" swimmer to my tagline.  I have become very comfortable lately and actually prefer to swim "natural" whenever possible.  Yes, this means rudder out!  If anyone is with me, I do not but as long as I am solo, I prefer to swim with in the suit God gave me.  Honestly, if I've been swimming topless all these years, why not the rest?
Quick update...Work is good, swimming is great.  I'm training for a Tahoe crossing on 5Aug starting at 2000.
I have been training like crazy and I am currently doing a hard week - a lot of miles accumulated followed by an "easy" week - less miles accumulated by end of week.  The easy week gives my body a chance to heal.  I also never do any swims over 5 miles back to back.  I'll do 6 one day then 3 the next etc.  I am back at Jordanelle (JN) almost every morning around 0500 again.  There have even been a few times where I have been at the lake at 0400 to either swim or kayak for others.
This week has been an easy week.  I decided I wanted to celebrate the 4th of July with some style.  I wanted to do 1 mile in 4 different lakes.  Just do a mile, get to next lake, repeat.  No playing around.
I remembered how much fun the "Tour of Lakes" was a few years ago.  I put up an open invite on Facebook but no takers.  Most are out of town or it is not their thing.  Solo adventure here I come!

JN done

I woke up and headed to JN first.  I was planning on Strawberry Reservoir first but realized I have never been there and swimming somewhere new in the dark is not smart.  I went to familiar water first.  Did my mile in complete darkness.  I was in no hurry and did a LOT of heads up breast just enjoying being out on the lake.
I then headed to Strawberry.  I have never been here before and it is about a thousand feet higher in altitude than JN so I expected it to be a bit cooler.  Water was cooler and I took a temp when I got out.  65.  JN right now is 71-73!  HOT  The air up there was also 59 so I was genuinely chilly when I stopped to enjoy the view of the sunrise.
Strawberry done
Strawberry GPS

I then headed to Deer Creek.  I am also pretty familiar with this lake.  I think every boater in this half of Utah was in the water or in line to get in the water.  As I was walking down, I was greeted by a park worker.  I am wearing a speedo, goggles, carrying a towel and my SSD.  She stops me and asks, "You going swimming".....must resist smart-ass comment......My initial though was, "Well, if I'm going skeet shooting then I'm ill prepared!"  She just asked me to stay withing 50 yards from shore because a couple of people got hit by boats yesterday.  I asked if the people swimming were visible to the boaters.  She said, "No, none of them had anything like that orange thing you have to let boaters see them".  Well no s**t you got hit by a boat!  A boat hitting someone is never cool but sometimes people are just too dumb to help prevent accidents like that.  BE VISIBLE!!!
Deer Creek done
Deer Creek GPS

This is just pretty!

I then headed to Utah Lake.  The lake is a bit funky and if you dive your head down more than 2 feet, it gets BLACK dark immediately.  Kinda spooky.  I swam close enough to the shore that I could feel my hands touching the bottom often and I stood up to take some pics here and there.  You have to be in the middle of the lake to get above chest deep.
Utah Lake done
Utah Lake GPS

Halfway through Utah Lake

I had a good time at JN and was glad I was wise enough to start my adventure off somewhere that I am comfortable enough that I can swim blind for 1/2 and hour and know where I am at all times.
Strawberry was beautiful and cool.  I really liked this lake and it made a GREAT first impression.  I might go there a few more times.
Deer Creek was fun and I spend a lot of time daydreaming about the couple of 10 milers I've done there.  I was over .5 miles when I turned around and I swam the "longest" here.
Utah Lake was an experience.  Getting in the water was slippery and a bit scary.  The water is spooky but you can always just stand up.  The last 1/2 mile of Utah Lake, all I could think about was food.  I did not bring anything besides liquid feeds and a Swiss Cake Roll.  I did not put much effort into any of these miles.  I wanted to enjoy them more than worry about going fast.  I did focus on my stroke for most of the lakes.
I'm glad I did this and although I had a great time, I wish I could have shared it with someone.  I might see about taking out Utah Lake next time and finding another lake to hit.  I do want to make this an annual thing.

4.3-ish OW

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