Monday, July 13, 2015


Picked up my neighbor at 0400 and up to JN.  Was in the water by 0500 and the sun was JUST peaking over the mountains.  There were still a lot of stars to view.  I did one lap with my neighbor.  She is training for triathlons.  After one lap, she got out to run and I kept going.  I felt okay for mile 2 and a bit junky at 3.  I had the time so I did a 4th.  The 4th mile I felt great.  My pulls were solid and I could feel myself cruising along at a good pace.  I finished today at 4 miles and as I was leaving, thought once again, "that's it?"  I LOVE the fact that I am at the point where I think 3 or 4 mile swims are a joke and can be easily done.
I am tapering down and only doing 15 this week so I can't go nuts on the swimming.  I am getting excited and eager for Tahoe.

4 OW

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