Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Easy day today.  I even was allowed to sleep in until 0500!  Nothing fancy for today.  I did 3 laps of the 1 mile route.  I think there might be a GPS satellite that is out.  Josh got a bad reading yesterday and when I finished today, my reading was WAY under 3 miles.  I know the route I take is close to a mile but this was too far below it to make me worry.  I think something is wrong with the GPS near JN.
In good news, I talked to Jamie last night about my Tahoe swim.  We are all set to go.  I'm writing up my instructions and will have them emailed out soon.
I am a bit nervous about tomorrow.  I am doing 10 and it is kind of a "make or break" day for me.  At least mentally.  I swam 7 on 26Jun and was EAGER to do more but was out of feeds.  I'm hoping the same happens tomorrow.  I know it will be around mile 3 or 4 that I kick into gear and start swimming strong.  I just want to leave at 10 feeling good.  If I am crashed at 10, then I will worry I am not ready/trained enough for Tahoe.  This is my last super long swim before the crossing.
I am meeting Chad at 0400 for the first 4 miles.  That will help take some miles off until I am solo.
Back to packing!!!

3 miles OW

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