Thursday, July 16, 2015


FUN swim today.  I decided to do a point to point swim for today so I scouted out a place to stop where the bridge is I sighted off of yesterday.  I called the Officer of the Day for the local Coast Guard station and got clearance to swim.
Getting in
 Patricia drove me to the start and dropped me off.  I headed northwest then headed towards the bridge.  The water was warm and pretty calm to start.  The only thing of significance was a crab ran up my arm and startled me pretty good.

I was able to stand everywhere I stopped when I felt like taking a picture.  I was having a great time.
I called Patricia when I was about to start my bridge crossing to tell her where I was.  Just as I started to swim parallel to the bridge, the wind and current picked up.  It is scattered thunderstorms today so the wind was picking up a bit.
I swam about 20 yards from the bridge support pillars.  The farther I went, the choppier the water became.  I was soon swimming heads up quite a bit just so I could see where I was going.  My effort picked up quite a bit too just to keep moving.  I inhaled water a few times and was struggling.  I could not stop laughing and smiling.  I finally got to a point where I could not stand.  When I was much farther along, I was able to stand again.  I stopped and took some more pictures.  I noticed a few boats following me and watching me constantly.  One boat came up and asked if I was okay or needed any help.  Granted, I am standing, goggles on my forehead, and taking pictures.  Yes, REAL sign of distress!  I said I was fine and having fun.  He did not seem to believe me so I took off before any more questions came.

Coming in

Finishing up

I swam under the bridge and into the boat ramp where Patricia and my 2 girls were waiting for me.  I called the Coast Guard again to tell them I was clear of the water.  It was a FUN swim.  I love little adventures like this.  This makes me even more eager when I do my Wright Memorial Bridge crossing soon.
My route

Thanks Patricia for driving me to start and picking me up.  It is always nice having you and my 2 favorite little girls to greet me when I finish.

2.7 miles OW

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