Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Met with Chad and Gordon at 0400 this morning.  I think the water is getting cooler by the day.  Gordon said it read 66 and the air temp was 50!  Good times.  It was extremely clear and we all got going instead of standing around.  We picked a route and Gordon and I were together the whole time. Although he doesn't admit it, Chad tends to swim right.  He gradually kept getting farther and farther from us.  Gordon and I soon lost sight of him and we swam to where we thought we were supposed to meet.  Gordon thought he saw him swimming closer to the dam so we went after him.  We got to the dam and we were alone.  I then saw a faint red glow of his chemlight following the dam.  Gords saw it too and off we went.  We swam to the very end of the dam and Gordon pops up and says, "I see him, he's RIGHT THERE!"  We swam there and I guess Gords was seeing a ghost.  Chad had my feed and I needed to head back in.  I knew I would start getting tired quick.
Showed Gordon our heading and off we went.  The lake felt great the cold air had zero affect on me.
We got to the boat ramp and the sun was just up enough we could see the lake.  We kept looking around trying to see Chad.  It was useless.  We were both a little concerned.  We got back to our cars and got change but neither one of us was going to leave until Chad was accounted for.  NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND!  :P
As we went to find him, there he was walking up the ramp to us.  We had a good laugh about it.
I became tired halfway back because I had not had anything to drink in over an hour.  I could feel myself slowing down a bit.
Periodically I would roll over on my back and simulate taking a feed from the boat.  I really want to get my liquid feeds down to under 10 seconds.
The great thing was that when we finished, I thought we had done just over 2 miles.  Gordon said his watch read we had gone just under 3!  Woo-hoo  I swam to the green buoy and back.  That put us both right over the 3 mile mark.
I'm taking tomorrow off then I plan on doing 3 on Thu and 2 on Fri.  That will put me at 10 for the week.

3 miles OW

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