Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Travel day was yesterday.  When we arrived to NC, I spent the rest of the day sleeping and relaxing.
I did scout out a spot to swim this morning.  It is in the sound and there are no sharks in the sound.  I talked with a boat CPT that knows the water well here and he just laughed about the shark issue.  I agree but I can still get good OW swims in without worrying my family as much.
Went to a sailboat dock nearby and started my swim.  The water was SHALLOW and I had to keep my arms closer to me instead of reaching down for the first couple hundred yards.  When I got farther out, I was able to take deeper pulls.  I was able to stand no matter where I was though.  The deepest was neck deep but still able to touch.  My goal was just 2 miles and enjoy the new place of swimming.  The wind was about 14 MPH and there was a strong current and chop that I was swimming into for the first mile.  Loved it!  When I turned around, I could feel a definite push.  The wind picked up even more for short bursts and I was even able to body surf for short intervals between strokes.  It was fantastic.  The only nag was my orange SSD was on my back for most of the way back.  It did get annoying.
Tomorrow I am going to see about doing a point to point swim in the sound.  I hope it works out.  I will start under a bridge and follow it for a mile then follow the shore line.
Simple out and back.

2 miles OW

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