Monday, July 6, 2015


Tough day that turned good.  I did not feel well on Sunday and did not eat well.  I also went to bed late and did not have a good night sleep.  All a great combo for a longer swim today!  Smart....
I got to JN around 0510 and saw Josh already there.  The plan was to do 5 miles today.  Josh and I chatted for a couple seconds then off we went.  I am used to the first couple of miles of not feeling that great and being stiff and cranky.  Today was much worse.  I was at about mile 1.5 when I considered bagging the swim and going home.  I was just TIRED.  I got out after 2 miles and went to my car.  I ate a buzz bite and took some Advil.  Went back in and started feeling a bit better as 3 miles was almost up.  Ate a half a Swiss Cake Roll then chatted with Josh for a few minuets as he was done.  Mile 4 felt good and I picked up my pace a bit.  My next feed was fast and I went onto mile 5 as fast as I could.  I swam pretty strong the last mile and felt great.  My body was feeling awake and good now and my mind was really busy so the time went by fast.
When I started, I felt miserable.  When I finished, I actually thought, "That's it?!, that was fast!"
Maybe it is a coincidence but I did not feel good until Josh was gone.  This has happened before.  I think he comes in and absorbs the lake's mojo and I feel like garbage.  When he is gone, I feel better and the mojo is mine.  Or is could be that I just stink until mile 3 -4 and he is leaving when I am finally getting going.  Not sure.  Further testing is needed.
Short day tomorrow and LONG day Wed.  Still waiting for my swimmer buddy to arrive in the mail.  I WANT MY NEW TOY!!!

5 miles OW

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