Monday, July 20, 2015


Back to the Sound today.  I had some errands to run.  I am doing a SCUBA dive Thursday and needed to go to the shop to get fitted for my gear.  Once I was done, I headed to the Sound and went in.  Nice little beach entry next to the Aquarium in Manteo.  Water was hot and the sun was beating down pretty good.  I headed south and counted out 1600 strokes.  This is usually a mile for me on calm conditions.  I stopped and looked around and noticed I was WELL past a mile from where I started.  The current did not feel strong when I got in and must have picked up after I had been in awhile.  I took a feed and started to head back.  400 strokes later I realized I have hardly made any progress back.  I also noticed I was no longer able to touch the bottom.  THEN I noticed I was being pushed out into the middle of the Sound with a good current pushing me.  Not good.  I put my head down and cranked it for several hundred more strokes.  I looked up and noticed I had made progress but not much.  If I swam my regular pace, I would either swim with 0 progress or even get pushed back some.  I had to swim in a "Z" style pattern for awhile to make progress.  It worked but it wore me out.  When I was able to touch the bottom again, I took my last feed and could feel the water pushing against me the way I was heading.  I knew it was going to be a LONG swim back.  Plus the sun was sucking the life out of me.  I was tired.
I bore down and counted out strokes by 200 then would make a quick stand up stop and see if I needed to make any adjustments.  Repeat, repeat all the way in.  When I finished, I felt like I had done a really hard workout.  My arms were sore, my shoulders ached, and my energy was GONE.
I kept thinking, quality over quantity.  I only wanted 2 miles!
I got back and  did a map my run measurement of my swim and realized did just around 3 miles instead of 2.  By stroke count, it was more like 5!  :P
Had a good time in the end but I did stop in the first 7-11 on the way back for some chocolate milk.

3 hard miles OW

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