Monday, May 5, 2014


GREAT dinner last night!  Steak, rice pilaf, cornbread, and then cookies after.  It was a good family dinner and felt great in my stomach after a day of fasting....last night!  Still feeling some steak in my stomach this morning while doing warm ups was not as pleasant!

25 x 200 today  I did sets of 5 x 200
 Free - The 2nd 200 I did an IM with Becky the Masters Coach.  NOT a good idea!
100 swim, 50 kick, 50 sprint - sprint is a generous word here.  Too much push and my stomach pushed back!
odds IM and evens are 100 back then 100 breast

5000 SCY total.
Heading to GSL this afternoon for more.

Met with Stacey Schluckebier at 1630.  Water temp was 64 and felt good.  We did the buoy route.  The current was going against us slightly on the way north.  We stopped at each buoy for about 10 seconds to say hi and I made sure she was ok.  After the last buoy, we headed back.  At the exact count of 55 strokes, we felt the current change.  Lucky for us, we now get to head against the current both ways!  When we got to the buoy, she asked if I felt the current change....yes, yes I did.  She said this always happens to her.  Instead of going out slow and coming back fast, we would be slow both ways.  We were actually slower going back because the wind picked up and it got a bit "bumpy".  It was fun regardless.  The temp started to drop and Stacey got cold.  We skipped our 10 second stops for the last few buoys and just headed in.  Good swim and it was fun.
I did push myself some to make up for this morning.  I would swim between every other buoy with strong pulls and pushing myself some.  I could feel my arms getting really tired near the end.  I was working myself over pretty good.  Loving every second of it.
1.65 miles OW

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