Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Woke up this morning confused as hell for some reason.  No idea where I was or what I was doing.  Fun morning!
Decided after Monday to start to pick up my distance a bit.  The snorkel is really boring the hell out of me but I need to stay in the water.
1000 WU
6 (50 Kick, 50 hard, 50 normal)
100 easy
5 (Back down, breast back)
500 pull - right elbow started to get a bit sore.
10 x 50 on the minute.

3500 LCM

On a side note, I talked with Sue last night.  She had a bad day this past weekend and has decided to change from the GSL 8 mile to the 1 mile event.  She is not comfortable at the time doing 8 miles and I commend her for taking her safety and health over her pride.  I know it was not an easy decision but my respect for her has only grown.  She has something going on right now that is having a negative impact on her swimming and she is wise enough to not push it until she figures out what is going on. My prayers are with her that she gets over this speed bump soon and back to cranking out the miles.

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