Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Gordon's 42nd birthday today.  All he wanted was for his friends to join him for his long swim.  4 of us showed up to swim and help celebrate.
We met at Steiner's outdoor 50 LCM pool.  It's a great view and nice pool but it's HOT!
I really have NO idea what I did.  I just did sets of 500's or 1000's.  I chatted quite a bit with everyone and enjoyed myself immensely.
Gordon was doing his 10k postal time trial and everyone left as he was halfway into it.  I needed to stay until 1000 so I got into his lane and would pace him for 50's or 100's.  At first I would just cheer for him or swim under him giving him a thumbs up.  I would have Jonas tell me when he was near a break and I would make sure I would be there to clap/cheer for him.  Pretty soon he started to slow down.  Gordon knows, along with everyone else in the world, that I'm slower than him.  Every time we have EVER done any form of swimming next to each other, he always pushes it to out touch me on the wall.  Well this works great for pacing him.  I would swim right next to him for 50's or 100's and I could feel him picking up his pace.  I would get the tiniest bit ahead of him and I could actually feel him thinking, "OH HELL NO!" and pick it up.  Worked great.  Every time I would stop to rest, Jonas would say that it was his fastest lap yet.  The last lap he was pretty much in a dead sprint to keep up with me.  I pushed off the wall and my right quad cramped.  I started to catch him but then it cramped again.  He finished strong and looked great.

I finished with 6500 LCM.  Not too bad.  My right elbow held up pretty good.  I'm getting REAL tired of wearing my snorkel for all my free sets.  I made sure to mix in a lot of kicking and some back/breast sets.  Glad I could join Gordon on his BD swim.   Good times!

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