Friday, May 23, 2014


Was sick the past 2 days so swimming was out of the question.  Laying in bed all day with severe stomach cramps is not a fun way to spend an anniversary!
All snorkel again today.
Sue was there this morning.  I got in her lane so she could swim next to a friend.  She was smiling and looked to be in a better mood.  I gave her a good hug as soon as I could.  We even got to chat a bit after the workout.  She is doing better but still has some concerns.

500 WU
10 x 100 - Odds kick and evens free
5 x 100 - Back down and odds I did breast back, and evens I did free
5 x 100 - Strong pulls down and recovery back

2500 LCM

Elbow is feeling a little better.  It was a tiny bit sore getting out but not the usual pain from before.  Not sure if it's from rest of the chiro but something is making it feel some improvement.  Glad that I can pull without as much fear.  Now I just need to be able to swim 5000 meters without a snorkel and I'll be happy! steps

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