Monday, September 3, 2012


Got up at 0500 and picked up Kim at 0530.  Met Anne in the Pineview parking lot just short of 0600.
Sun still wasn't up enough to see safely so we waited a bit.  We were also expecting Chad but he never showed.  Around 0620 we headed in.  Air was chilly but the water was warmer so it was nice getting in.
Did the dam route first.  I was STIFF going out and shoulders were pretty upset with me.  After one dam route we did a buoy route then another dam route.  I could definitely feel the effects of my fasting yesterday.  My arms were just heavy the whole time.  I did feel good going out to the dam the 2nd time and was swimming well but my stomach cramped bad near the stop line and I had to "take care of it"....I hope this isn't becoming a habit!
Got done and my arms were pretty shot.  Kim was wiped out too.  Really glad I did it but man I'm tired now.

4.6 miles OW

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