Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Getting up today wasn't that bad.  I was not "eager" to get to the pool but it didn't seem to be as much of a chore as yesterday.  I'm hoping this trend continues.
I decided to keep it easy for memory.
Ladders by 50 up to 400 repeat then back down.
This left me at 3600
I did 200 fly broken up by 25's with :10 RI - Held the stroke well but it was a bit tough.  I'm REALLY hoping that I can look back at this in a few months and laugh that I "struggled" to do 200 fly.
I then did 100 IM then 100 CD

4000 total

Decent workout today.  One MAJOR problem today was that the pool seemed hotter than normal.  The air was hot also.  I opened a bay door a tad to let some cool air in  Near the end of the workout, another swimmer got out and closed it.  I only had 200 left but the heat was still getting to me.  I got out and opened it again.  This made her mad.  Sorry lady but I'm slowing down considerably due to the heat and I'm getting a TINY bit light headed.  I had a drink with me but it wasn't helping anymore.  The Ogden Athletic Club pool is just too hot for me.  It's becoming a bigger problem and I'm flirting with the idea of finding another pool where the temp isn't below "hardboil and egg" temp.
It's just unhealthy.
We all have our fantasies about what we would do if we were rich or had a million bucks.  Honestly, my #1 thing I'd do is make a 25M or 50M pool that's only 2 or 3 lanes and keep it at a cool temp.  Lap swimmers ONLY would be allowed in  The temp would be at MOST 65 and lowest around 58.  If it's too cold for you, then swim elsewhere.  I'd charge a minimal fee to use the pool but as long as you were swimming, you could be in as long as you want.  ANY complaint about the temp and I would give you your money back then ban you for life.  I'm really hoping I can do this one day.  Being able to swim in a 50 M pool that is 65 degrees as long as I want would be fantastic!  Hell, I'd even allow some of my close swimming buddies to swim there for free because I know they would never whine about the temp!  They'd LOVE it!!!  My kind of peeps.
It just annoys me at times when I'm lying down by the open door letting 50 degree air blow on me when I'm wet just so I can cool off from the pool and people are complaining they are cold.

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  1. It's because the damn old people want it at bath water temperature. And local pools always seem to cater to those annoying water aerobics old people, screwing over serious lap swimmers.