Thursday, September 6, 2012

6Sep12 - UGH!

Alarm went off at 0400 and I took my sweet time getting ready then to the pool.  Words can NOT express how unmotivated I was to swim today.  It was a constant battle to just get myself going.  I haven't felt this unwilling to swim in a LONG time.  If it wasn't for Bear Lake relay on the 15th, I would have gone back to bed.
Got in at 0445 and just made up my workout as I went along

1000 WU
500 K
100 swim
100 IM
100 swim
100 IM
100 swim
4 x 50 IM order with :10 RI
300 K
500 swim CD

3000 yards total

I really REALLY hope that as I keep getting up early to swim, it will be easier and I'll actually look forward to it like I did earlier this year.  If today's trend continues, it's going to be a hell of a challenge to meet my end of year goal.

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