Monday, September 17, 2012


Despite only getting to bed at midnight last night because of a sick kid, I still go up at 0400 and was at the pool at 0430.  I'm sure the Z-Monster will come get me around 1500 today. 
Did 500 WU
250 Swim
Then did some 50 fly nice and easy with plenty of rest between 50's.  Just seeing what my time is.  When I swam slow with minimal effort, I got :46.  This actually surprised me.  I then decided to try a 50 as slow as possible and got :53.  I was trying to get it to a minute but was still :07 under.  Oh well.  It was a fun experiment.
Around 0500, Karen showed up.  Since the Army had us move away from each other so many years ago, we average about one lesson every 3-4 years.  Her last lesson was 2 years ago.  We used to swim together a couple of times a week when we were stationed together but life happens.  It's fun regardless swimming with her.  She kept going on and on about how terrible she was going to be.  Amazingly enough she was pretty good.  I just swam easy 50's mostly underwater watching her stroke then giving her some drill work.  Since my muscle effort was at a minimum, I decided to do some hypoxic training so I could get something out of it.  I limited how often I would breath with every 25/50.  This was great and my lungs were kinda pissed at me towards the end.  GOOD!
Karen takes instruction pretty well and genuinely tries to do what I tell her to do.  The altitude was getting to her and her breathing was pretty labored near the end.  She hung in there and swam pretty evenly throughout.  Nice job Karen!
Finished with 2000 total.  I'm officially behind my pace for my 500 miles before the end of the year goal.  I'm going to have to swim more often and for more yards each time.

2000 yards 

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