Saturday, September 8, 2012

7Sep12 - GSL

I returned to my favorite lake today.  It's been awhile since I've been in the Great Salt Lake and I forgot how much I missed it.  She's just such a unique and beautiful body of water.  I also forgot how tough it is to swim in there!  I immediately found 2 hot spots where I didn't put enough grease on.  I had to change my breathing pattern back to minimal exposure in water again.  The brine shrimp were pretty good size and they were EVERYWHERE.  The flies weren't so bad but I had to breathe out of my armpit if I didn't want to eat a few on accident....which I did.  yuck!
Did a Gridley Straight then back.  It was such a beautiful day.  I could have gone for more but the last 1/4 mile, all I could think about was food!  That's normally my queue that I'm about to crash if I don't get some in me soon.  Finished well and did whole thing in under an hour.  No one to chat with so I just got right to it.
I'd recommend waiting a bit longer before going there.  Let the shrimp clear out some.  It was cloudy and filled with shrimp the whole swim.  It was great being in the lake again but conditions have definitely been better.

2 miles OW

Another thought kept popping into my head.  Soon......sooooooooooon it will be getting cold and the WFPBC will be back!!!  I'm going to take my training of cold water to the next level this year.  I did it last year for fun and bonding with my swim friends but this year I have definite goals.

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