Sunday, September 16, 2012

15Sep12 - GSL

Picked Kim up today at 0600 with my long time friend Karen.  Karen is in town for a week and visiting and she wanted to paddle for one of my swims.  I won't say how long we've been friends since I don't want her to punch me but lets just say it's been awhile!
Starting off
 Got to the GSL on Antelope Island around 0645 and we got ready.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the sun was just creeping over the mountains as we were getting in.  The water was a bit chilly but by the time I took 5 strokes, I was fine.
Hour 1

Seriously, is there anything more beautiful to be looking at while swimming?

We got out of the marina cove and into the GSL.  We decided to head NW for an hour and 1/2 then just turn around and come back.  We had about a 1/2 knot push behind us which was nice.  After the first few minutes of swimming, Kim was slowing down quite a bit sporadically.  She said that the some of the short cold currents we were going through were really bothering her.  She pushed on and after the first hour, we decided to head east against the current so our swim back to the marina wouldn't be as bad.  It was pretty choppy and I could definitely feel that I had to swim harder to move.
Doin' some fly!
 I was having a BLAST.  I did some butterfly for awhile, backstroke, side stroke, and I even chocked on water because I was laughing at how much fun I was having.  We were getting tossed all over the place and I was loving it.  I was alone in that boat.  Kim was not having fun and started to struggle.  She was taking in water and water kept going up her nose.  GSL water in your nose is BAD...  After an hour we headed back to the marina.  Kim said she was done and wanted to head in.  She felt bad that we were cutting our swim short but I could care less when safety is concerned.  After a few minutes, Kim really started to feel bad and pulled up thinking she was going to throw up.  I swam up next to her and told her to "go for it" because it would make her feel better.  She kept trying to swim but she got worse and worse.  Finally Karen suggested that Kim hold on to the back of the kayak and she would "tow" her in.  Kim accepted and I was solo swimming while Karen paddled with the most "unique rudder" I've ever seen!
Isn't that nice!  Karen was struggling so Kim helped push her along. hehe
 This did allow me to pick it up some but soon it was apparent that I needed to slow down to stay with Karen and Kim because pulling someone while going into a current tends to slow you down.  The water got progressively calmer as we got closer.  When we got inside the cove, Kim let go and took off in a full sprint to the boat ramp.  She was freezing and Karen ditched us because she had needed to relieve herself for the past 2 hours!  We all finished up and my total distance was 5.2 miles.  It was a bit shorter than I had planned but safety is most important so I honestly did not care.
Hour 2 of her "getting in"!

Back floating Karen

Once Karen was ready, she wanted to HONESTLY say she has swam in the GSL.  She had a suit on and got took FOREVER....but she eventually got in.  She did a back float then a short doggie paddle swim about 10 feet.  It counts!  I then talked her into putting a mouth full of GSL water and immediately spitting it out.  She reacted like most people do.  "THAT'S DISGUSTING!  How do you swim in this for so long"?
Ahhh, the GSL.  She ain't much to look at and she smells a bit, but she's my baby!

Total today was 5.2 OW

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