Monday, August 27, 2012


Annie picked me up at 0500 and we were off to Pineview.  The sun is REALLY taking a long time to rise and we were planning on doing a dam route but she was on a tight schedule today.  First day of school for her kids so we had to be back early.  Late sunrise meant only doing a buoy route.
Water felt great but my shoulders were less than happy for 1/2 half.  I picked it up a bit on the way back and tried to keep up with her.  I did a decent job and wasn't too far behind when we got back to first buoy.  We added a little more and when we did our last little trip back, I went as strong as I could to keep up with her.  I was able to keep with her for this leg.  Granted, it was for only about 250 yards but I stuck with her.  My GPS said my pace for that section was under 26 min/mile.  Not bad.  I was wiped out after that and she was just fine!  Swam back in feeling glad I was able to be in the lake again.  It will be few and far between now that I'm starting work again tomorrow.

1.25 miles OW

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