Sunday, August 12, 2012

11Aug12 - Deer Creek

Since I was staying at my brother in law's cabin located at Bear Lake (ironically enough!), Patricia and I had to get up at 0400 to leave for Deer Creek.  The drive was good but I did get a bit worried when there was a massive line to get into the park.  I forgot my UT state pass so I had to pay $10.  Idiot me!
Got my bag and unloaded my gear.
Chad, Kate, and me

  Chad talked with me with some other friends I saw there as I got ready.  We had to wait around for what seemed like forever because they were scrambling to find another paddler.  Then the timers weren't ready.  The nice thing was that it allowed us to mingle and chat awhile. 
10 milers

Once we finally go underway, it took my usual 2 mile or so to get comfortable.  There was some confusion on one of the turns and people were turning too early and the official had to get them to go back.  It was just a bad spot for a buoy I guess.
I felt really good from mile 2-5 but then on the way back, my left shoulder started to hurt.  It hurt pretty bad at some points and I even had to change to breast stroke for about 30 seconds to give it a break.   It slowed me down but I was swimming well considering.  After about mile 8 I felt really good again.  I started to close in on my buddy Chad Starks who was about 5 minutes ahead of me.  When I got to the 5k turnaround marker, I knew I had 1.5 miles left.  I decided to go for broke.  I pushed myself really hard and held a strong pace and pull.  I started to close on Chad and was feeling good mentally about the possibility of passing him in the last few yards.  My body had other plans.  About 400 yards past the 1/2 mile marker, my body CRASHED.  I went for broke and I BROKE!  lol  I stopped to do some breast and recover a bit.  I then had to do 100 normal strokes then 100 faster all the way in.  Once I turned the corner to the finish line, I just coasted in.  I was spent.  I finished 5 minutes behind Chad but I finished with a time of 5.23!  This is about 53 minutes faster than my time last year.  So I once again DESTROYED my previous year's time like I did with the GSL 8 miler.  I felt really good and my goal was to finish under 5.30.

Coming out
Me with Chad

Chad double checking that he had beaten me!

I was pretty tired but was happy with how I did.  I have the 2nd leg of being the first UT triple crown winner in the bag and now one more week and one more race to complete it.  It's close!!!
I did learn a few things on the swim.  I swam well considering my shoulder really hurt for awhile.  I did a lot better than last year so I'm definitely improving.
One thing I did a PISS POOR job of was trusting Patricia.  She was my paddler and I kept doubting her ability to navigate.  I would look up to spot far more than I needed.  In fact, even spotting ONCE is too many when you have a paddler with you.  I didn't trust her and even questioned her lines and it cost me time.  I need to let go of being in "control" when I'm swimming like this and just STFU, keep my head down, and swim!  Patricia did a fantastic job paddling for me and I ruined it some by questioning her and what she was doing.  She has just as much motivation as me to go in the straightest line from point to point as I do so I need to learn that THEN practice it!
Thanks for Jim for putting this together.  Thanks for Chad and my other friends I saw for being with me and swimming with me in such a great event.  Congrats on all your swims!  Most of all, THANK YOU to my wife for putting up with me waking her up at 0400, dragging her down to a lake to paddle for me for HOURS then when she is paddling for me, puts up with me when I turn into a "diva"....which I always seem to do!  You were great hon!!!

10 miles in 5 hours and 23 minutes.....NEXT!


  1. Great job Goody AND Patricia! What an AWESOME team!!!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so inspired by all the 10 milers, by all the swimmers. I know what you mean about trusting your kayakers. It's hard to feel confident and not keep sighting too much. I know it cost me time as well, especially at the end when boat traffic got worse.
    There was a fishing boat out in the middle of the water with 2 lines out I told them 'I don't want to get hooked'. I mean really, fishing in the middle of a race! Come on!
    All part of the journey. Congrats again!

  3. I have until December 31st to swim antelope to black rock. So you better not let me beat you at bear great swim buddy!!

  4. Nice job buddy. That's a good time. Wish I could have been there. Way to go!

  5. Gords, I'm glad you weren't there. You were somewhere more exciting and doing something MUCH more important! Grats again. I can't wait to shake your hand.