Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Met Annie at the pool today at 0500.  I'm back teaching so I can't make the lakes in the AM anymore unless it's a day off or weekend.  My only shot will be after work on the way home at the GSL.  It's the first week back so I'm getting into the groove of things before cranking out some mileage again.  Plus, it's the first swim since Bear Lake so I wanted to do something easy.
Did 2 x 500 WU
500 K
ladders by 50 up to 250 repeat back down
Nice and easy.
2 things that really struck a cord with me:
1) All last winter I typically did 19-20 strokes per 25.  I am down to 17-18.  Even when I was "going slow" or "tired" I still held 17.  So I've dropped a stroke or 2 per length...NICE!
2) I got into the shower at the pool and put it on cold.  It used to make me hyperventilate a bit because it was so cold.  It was cold but a joke to me.  These daily cold showers are paying off.  I was actually pissed that it wasn't cold enough for me.  There was ZERO heat in it but it felt like nothing to me.  So THAT has come a long way too.

3000 yards

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