Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Picked Kim up at 0530 and went to Pineview.  I was a bit tired on the way there.  I have been staying up late watching the Olympics and then getting up early.  The getting up early part I'm used to.  What I'm not used to is going to bed so late. 
We did a dam route and I felt my usual sore going out then felt really good on the way back in.  Kim and I were close going out but I dropped her on the way back.  We decided to just do a buoy route next.  Glad we did because I COMPLETELY shut down.  My shoulders turned to tar and I couldn't pull for the life of me.  Kim passed me like I was standing still and there was nothing I could do about it.  We turned around and I tried to put some effort into my swim but I just could not.  I kept racking my brain on what my problem was.  I figured that I'm dehydrated.  Not to the point of being sick but definitely I'm not urinating as often as I do and I often wake up sweating at night.  The lactic acid buildup I get daily isn't being flushed out.  I need to up my liquid intake by a LOT.  Hopefully this fixes it.  If not, then I"m in trouble for my Deer Creek 10 miler next Sat!
The nice thing is that despite my being slow as a turtle, my overall mile average time was still 29:42 per mile.

2.93 miles OW

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