Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Decided to sleep in a bit this morning and I was out of bed at 0700 instead of 0500.  Headed to Pineview and wasted little time getting in.  My arms were a bit stiff but they weren't in pain compared to yesterday.  I did 2 dam routes.  After the first "lap" I made my feed as quick as possible and I started swimming again to eliminate any chance of talking myself out of doing more.  I felt really good going out the 2nd time.  I felt strong and could see from watching the shore that I was moving at a good pace.  I finished up and felt good when I got out.  I felt a lot better than when I finished yesterday and hopefully my arms will be back into the swing of doing 15-20 miles a week again soon.

3.8 miles OW

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